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The Science and Religion of Alphatrons

Based on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory

Supertachyonic "HOLY and EVIL GHOST" Alphatron Supercross

A product of creation by Father and Mother Nature (the Metatron's) or was it an accidental byproduct of evolution?

Alpha and Omega
The Teeny Weeny Bang" - Type I a+/b-


Does alphatron thesis help answer one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics: Why is there more matter than antimatter in the universe today?
Is the
Teeny Weeny Bang the beginning where particles and antiparticles/matter and antimatter first separate?
Or does the separation first originate in the sub-Planck realm of the zeroth dimension of space found throughout the
Metaverse where Lorentz four-vector tachyons (itty bitty bang crosses) flourish?

Supertachyon = a Lorentz super four-vector
(a supercross).

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Wikipedia: CP Violation. Wikipedia: New Physics. Wikipedia: Pair Production. Wikipedia: Matter Creation.

Theory of Everything (
ToE)/Supergrand Unification:
The four fundamental forces of nature: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravity combined into a
five-dimensional* singularity that became a FTL supertactachyonic Type I Teeny Weeny Bang.

Of the five different types of possible structures (alphatrons, supercubes, superverses, cold black holes and cold black stars) that can exist throughout infinity
single-cell one-dimensional baby alphatrons are the easiest to create and sustain from the bottom-up than more complicated extra-dimensional
structures providing a strong argument that divine Creationism is very likely true, as well as, the existence of the Holy and Evil Ghost.



Type Ia+ Positive Matter Alphatron Particle/Universe/Ring-shaped Halo
"flying fiery serpent"

| ---------------------------------- 27 in/.6858 m x  in/.635 cm -------------------------------- |


Just because you may have never seen a "Fiery Flying Serpent" FTL alphatron does not mean they do not exist because over the years many others have seen them!
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Black background represents the zeroth dimension of space found throughout the Metaverse.

*Temporal (time) dimension and spatial (space) dimensions included. See the Metapeople: Metatron through Quantum.
Note: The zeroth dimension of space in reality does not have any dimensions (length, width, depth, etc.).
(FTL) = Faster-than-Light


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